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Heartbeat Season 2 Episode 6

Rosie, the wife of local villain, Terry Tinniswood takes an overdose and Nick and Kate are left minding her children. Once she’s recovered, Rosie tells Nick her husband is in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Nick finds evidence to support Rosie’s claims that her husband was fitted up, possibly by Nick’s predecessor in Aidensfield, Rowley Carsons who suddenly retired from the force. Blaketon warns Nick and tells him to leave it, insisting Carsons retired because he had Cancer. Nick who now believes that there was some sort of cover up persists with his investigation. Carsons turns up and confesses to fitting Tinniswood up by planting evidence in his truck. Meanwhile Phil is to marry his girlfriend who says she’s pregnant. but he later finds that she has been seeing her ex-boyfriend who turns out to be the man who beat up Phil at his stag night.

Serie: Heartbeat

Episode Title: Bang to Rights

Air Date: 1993-05-23