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Heartbeat Season 2 Episode 5

A black soldier called Ken Marston who is on exercises in the area has been getting bullied by his racist Sergeant – Sgt Nicholls. Nicholls follows Marston during the exercise and intends to shoot Ken as he’s reported Nicholls to his superiors. However on top of a cliff face Nicholls and Kenget in a confrontation and Nicholls falls. Ken then goes on the run thinking he’s killed him. Meanwhile Nick investigates a break in at a farm and suspects Claude is responsible. and is on the run after he thinks he has killed him. He starts to search for a childhood friend who lives in the area. He finds his friends wife and son, only to discover his friend is dead. Meanwhile Kate is treating his window whose son is seriously disturbed by his fathers death, may have to be taken into care. The widow blames Kate for this, believing that she contacted the authorities, when in fact it was Ferrenby. The situation is sorted out eventually, with the help of Alex and Kate and the boy is able to stay with h

Serie: Heartbeat

Episode Title: Over the Hill

Air Date: 1993-05-16