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Heartbeat Season 2 Episode 4

Local farmer, Reg Manston notices one of his cows looks very ill and asks Nick to visit him. On Nick’s arrival, Manston tells Nick that he suspects the animal may infected with the highly contagious disease known as Foot and Mouth. The local vet – Martin Thomas is called in performs test on Manston’s herd. He phones the ministry of Agriculture while and sends the his tests away for confirmation of the disease. Meanwhile Nick as part of the regulations of the disease has to guard the farm entrance to check no one enters or leave the farm. The whole area becomes affected by the outbreak when it means that no social events can happen at the risk of the disease spreading, which annoys George whose bar is totally empty of customers. Meanwhile another farmer (and Manston’s neighbour), Sam Carver is breaking the disease outbreak regulations by transporting his infected dead sheep to another area. In the meantime Manston’s herd are shot and burned to prevent the disease from spreading. After

Serie: Heartbeat

Episode Title: Bitter Harvest

Air Date: 1993-05-09