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Heartbeat Season 2 Episode 3

Nick interrupts an armed robbery which is taking place at the Aidensfield’s Arms and his hit over the head and ends up locked in the cellar with George and Claude. During the night Greengrass starts to drink himself silly and ends up giving Nick tip offs about offences that have been committed in the area recently. In the morning they are all found and rescued With a little help from Claude Nick suspects a known villain called Robinson who has a record for armed robberies and goes to visit his home, where is wife – Nell and her two daughters insist he has run of with another woman. But it emerges he in fact died from a heart attack during another recent robbery and was left on Nells doorstep and she and her daughter buried him on the moors some they could still came his National Assistance. As Nell is being questioned another robbery happens and it turns out Nell and her daughters carried on with the robberies. Meanwhile Nick shows up Claude by giving him recognition for all the crimes

Serie: Heartbeat

Episode Title: Manhunt

Air Date: 1993-05-02